Rose LeMay, CEO

I am Tlingit from the Taku River Tlingit First Nation, granddaughter of Susie Anderson, Crow Clan. My father was from Carcross/Tagish and my grandfather was James Dickson. My name is Bi’di, given to me by Kwakwaka’wakw Chief Oastakalagalis ‘Walas ‘Namugwis (Peter Knox) from T’asix’s (Fort Rupert) and his wife Mabel Knox.

Rose LeMay is an unrelenting champion for the inclusion and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples. As a facilitator and trainer in cultural competence and anti-racism, she has supported thousands of Canadians from coast to coast to coast to deepen understanding and capacity for reconciliation. As a keynote speaker she can take people through difficult topics of racism and reconciliation to find common ground and hope for the future. Rose has a regular column in The Hill Times, Canada’s politics and government news service.

Rose has over 20 years of experience in policy and program development in health and mental health development in government and non-profit sectors. She was the founding chair of the Wharerātā Group, an international network of Indigenous leaders and their allies working in mental health and addictions. She is a Certified First Nations Health Manager, Certified in Prosci Change Management, an a 2021 Global Pluralism finalist. Rose is a board member on the Coalition for Canadian Police Reform.

About The IRG’s Values

The IRG is a national Indigenous-owned company with a vision to support the capacity for understanding and relationship between Canadians and Indigenous peoples, and to support the leaders and allies and change makers in reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a commitment, a relationship, and a journey. Reconciliation starts with agreement that something needs to change, a shared agreement that the status quo of the current health and wellbeing inequities endured by many Indigenous Canadians should not continue. Reconciliation continues with the sharing of stories to build relationship between Indigenous peoples and Canadians, and uncovering the history of colonial impacts on Indigenous communities, and eliminating stereotypes about Indigenous Canadians. Reconciliation is a journey we choose to take together, with leaders and allies and change makers across all sectors of Canadian society pushing us to do better for each other.

The IRG supports capacity in organizations to increase cultural competence in employees and in the overall organization, and to facilitate excellent frontline delivery to Indigenous clients. Through training, coaching and consulting, we support organizations to implement the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The IRG offers unique value in training and organizational change management due to the mix of values, knowledge and skills, and experience:

  • Value of strength-based: when we look for strength, we find it
  • Value of partnership: we are stronger together
  • Value of quality: we continue to learn more to do better
  • Knowledge and skills in adult education from both mainstream and Indigenous theory on how adults learn and work well together
  • Experience across federal and provincial governments, non-profit, and national Indigenous organizations
  • Extensive network across health and mental health policy, funding and provider organizations

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