Indigenous Cultural Competence and Humility – Hybrid online and webinar (Group Course)

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This is a hybrid version of the online Indigenous Cultural Competence and Humility, built specifically for the ARD Team. This course depends on the full interaction of learners both in the webinars and the online course portions. This adaptation is to build capacity for ARD to build comfort in the material enough to teach it to provincial government employees.

Indigenous Canada
  • Live Webinar on November 26
    • FN/I/M distinctions and basics, politics of self-identity
    • Advocacy politics and unique aspects in Ontario
    • Q&A: what do you need to know to be able to teach this to others?
  • Homework to complete following the live webinar:  video on Inuit throat-singing, Who are the Métis 5-minute video, What is a pow wow 5 minute video, research what Indigenous urban organizations are in your city
Cultural Competence
  • Online on your own time between November 26 and December 3 – LESSON AVAILABLE ON NOVEMBER 26 at 1:30PM
    • What is cultural competence
    • Culture and communication, culture and speed and silence, culture and decision-making
    • Practicing a growth mindset and readiness to learn
    • Some similarities and differences between mainstream Canadian culture and Indigenous cultures
  • Homework to complete prior to the next webinar:
    • do your own research on the nations, cultural groups and treaties in what is now Ontario – with the goal to be able to describe to why this matters to a provincial government manager outside of ARD
    • practice how to do your own land acknowledgement with correct pronunciation, and be prepared to introduce yourselves based on your connection to land at the next live webinar
Cultural Competence in the Workplace
  • Live webinar on December 9
    • Introductions noting connection to land
    • Discussion on the cultural groups, nations and treaties in Ontario
    • Overview of communities in crisis, and how this impacts on consultation
    • Discussion on how to build relationship with Indigenous communities when there are issues in community
    • Q&A
History Matters
  • Online on your own time, to be completed before Christmas – LESSON AVAILABLE ON DECEMBER 9 AT NOON
    • Hidden history of Canada and why it matters, tied to 1492Landback
    • Five historical events which continue to impact on Indigenous relations today
    • Indian Residential Schools
    • Intergenerational trauma
    • Homework:
      • talk to a trusted family member or peer on how you will choose to integrate knowledge on Canada’s history with what you know already of this country.
      • practice how you can want to share with others across the provincial government on why history matters in the context of reconciliation today