The Toolkit for doing Reconciliation at Work


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An in-depth course to guide organizations on the planning and implementation of reconciliation plans, like a strategic plan.  Start with a review of your organizational progress to date with a baseline audit, and work through the minimum actions for reconciliation across the organization, then dig into the unique work only your organization can do for reconciliation – your value-add. The final product of this course are draft workplans completed by every team, to be coordinated into an organizational reconciliation plan.

This learning product is intended to be ideally completed by an organization together, with each team applying the learning on a lesson by lesson basis.  While individual learners are welcome to take this course, the benefit is in discussing the learning and application with teams within your workplace.

Bulk pricing applies for organizations.  Please contact The IRG for more information.

Time to complete:  Teams and organizations will complete within 12-15 weeks.  Please plan to spend 1 to 2 hours working through each lesson on your own time, and most lessons include individual exercises. Then get together in your teams to review that lesson’s content and associated team exercise(s), about 1 to 2 hours each.

Prerequisite:  Indigenous Cultural Competence & Humility.  Learners must bring knowledge and experience in cultural competence and reconciliation.


  • Introduction to the course
  • What is a reconciliation journey in your organization?
  • Overview of Prosci change management
  • [optional] Are you struggling with too much change in the workplace?
  • Strengthen anti-racism and inclusion for Indigenous employees
  • Learn more about Indigenous organizations in your sector
  • Build relationships with Indigenous partners
  • Apply an Indigenous lens to programs/services

The second section is a collection of lessons for specific roles in the organization. If you see your role here, please complete the lesson. Others are welcome to review as many of these lessons as they choose. The final lesson in this section will be completed by all learners.

  • Reconciliation Working Group/Team (an essential element in moving from awareness to action, this group will support the organization to complete the Reconciliation Journey Workplan and move it through decision-making processes
  • HR and hiring managers
  • Corporate, administration and financial management
  • Funding officers
  • Leaders
  • FOR ALL TO COMPLETE: The Reconciliation Journey Workplan
The Toolkit for doing Reconciliation at Work