Guest Editor of special issue, Journal of Social Inclusion

In her role as International Chair of the Wharerātā Group, Rose LeMay was a guest editor of this special issue focussed on Indigenous inclusion. A joint effort by Pat Dudgeon (University of Western Australia), Waikaremoana Waitoki, Rose LeMay (Wharerātā Group) and Linda Waimarie Nikora (University of Waikato, New Zealand).

Social Inclusion Volume 4, Number 1 (2016).

  • Mediating Structures in Sámi Language Revitalisation
  • Practicing Teachers’ Reflections: Indigenous Australian Student Mobility and Implications for Teacher Education
  • Wholistic and Ethical: Social Inclusion with Indigenous Peoples
  • Repositioning the Racial Gaze: Aboriginal Perspectives on Race, Race Relations and Governance
  • Social Exclusion/Inclusion for Urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
  • More Than a Checklist: Meaningful Indigenous Inclusion in Higher Education
  • Climate Change, Mining and Traditional Indigenous Knowledge in Australia
  • Social Exclusion of Australian Childless Women in Their Reproductive Years