Compétence culturelle autochtone et humilité (individuel)

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Based on the highly successful in-person Indigenous Cultural Competence course, learners will build knowledge on the acceptable terms related to Indigenous peoples, and some similarities and differences between First Nations, Métis and Inuit. This online course will provide the historical context that underpins some of today’s continuing tensions about land in Canada. And then learners will deepen cultural competence to build effective relationships with Indigenous co-workers clients, and go deep on what racism against Indigenous peoples looks like today and how to challenge it. Finally, learners will spend some time considering how to contribute to reconciliation both personally and professionally in Canada.

Estimated time to complete: 10 hours including homework. Learners must complete the course within 60 days of purchase.

** Plus optional 7 semaines facultatif (en anglais seulement) un sujet par semaine avec des lectures supplémentaires, des podcasts et des vidéos pour les prochaines étapes de votre parcours d'apprentissage.

Aperçu du cours

  • Les Autochtones du Canada: terminology, strengths and challenges facing Indigenous peoples, how to answer the question “where are you from?”, how to do an effective land acknowledgement
  • Compétence culturelle : la prise de conscience de sa propre culture, comment la culture influence la façon de communiquer et d’aborder les conflits, et comment créer des espaces sûrs dans le lieu de travail pour les personnes d’autres cultures.
  • L'histoire compte : Canada’s hidden history of relationship with Indigenous peoples, and potential long-term impacts of colonial policies of racism, and overview of intergenerational trauma and healing
  • Dénoncer le racisme : comment reconnaître et dénoncer le racisme à l’égard des peuples autochtones, et que sont les préjugés inconscients et comment s’en défaire.
  • Réconciliation – Les prochaines étapes : les possibilités de contribuer à la réconciliation sur les plans personnel et professionnel.

Your certificate will be available after you finish the online portion.

NEW!!! The 7Week Challenge list of additional readings and video will also become available when the online course content is complete. Cultural competence and humility takes practice, just like exercise. Just like any kind of change, we have to practice new muscles, new ways of moving. Like a diet, we start with rigor until we have internalized that new practice and new knowledge. This is the next step after taking the online ICC course, and it is meant to be completed in a group. It could be your group at work, it could be a group that you organize of your friends and network, or a book club. This is a team approach to learning. Please find a team of learners to do it with you, so you
can discuss your progress and hold each other accountable. Ideally, find a group of 2-5 learners to do the online course and the 7Week Challenge together. For each week, there are books and articles, podcasts, and videos – pick at least two each week. Most, but not all, are free.

  • Semaine 1 : En savoir plus sur Histoire
  • Semaine 2 : Introduction à Systèmes de connaissances indigènes
  • Semaine 3 : Balance through Indigenous humor and the arts
  • Semaine 4 : Indigènes aujourd'hui aux actualités
  • Semaine 5 : Apprenez à connaître certains Héros indigènes
  • Semaine 6 : Apprenez-en plus sur les antécédents des Conflits aujourd'hui
  • Semaine 7 : Avenirs autochtones et les visionnaires

A note about terminology

Sécurité culturelle : the self-reported experience that an Indigenous individual feels when he or she is treated with respect – more than just the absence of discrimination based on race or culture

Conscience culturelle et sensibilité culturelle : being aware of the impact on culture on how I and others see and experience the world; aware of power, privilege and oppression

Compétence culturelle : putting into practice the skills, knowledge and aptitude to deepen self-awareness about one’s own culture and increase the sense of cultural safety of those one serves; a competence like other requirements to do the job well

Humilité culturelle : choosing to be aware about how culture impacts on my life and how my culture impacts on others, and making intentional choices about how my culture doesn’t overpower another person; putting into practice the skills to build safety for people from other cultures; and choosing to show respect to other cultures as valuable and essential

This course requests that the learner go beyond cultural awareness, as building safety for others is an action, it’s more than simply awareness. This course requests the learner think about and practice the skills to ensure Indigenous individuals and clients feel culturally safe (cultural competence), while recognizing that cultural competence is truly a lifelong journey. There is a focus on cultural competence as the requirements to provide safe service and excellent service and interaction, primarily because a competency is something we continually practice, and we can be held accountable for our competencies. This course is based in the belief that cultural safety is built in relationship and practiced in real life, difficult to achieve in an adult education course. So this course is a step in the journey, but not the only step.

©The IRG, 2021.

6 réflexions au sujet de “Indigenous Cultural Competence and Humility (Individual)”

  1. Gabi Piccininni

    This is a truly incredible course! It is so thoughtfully designed to be informative, interactive, and actionable, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn from Rose. Thank you so much!

  2. This is a thoughtfully designed course that takes you from knowledge to action and challenges you along the way to do some of
    your own research and reflection. Current and very relevant sources are worked into each subject area, plus additional material is provided for you to take away and allows you to keep learning: at your workplace, and in your personal life with your circle of friends and family. There are also concrete steps offered to help you move into action with reconciliation and be a true ally. I highly recommend taking this course!

  3. Danielle Bishof

    This course was fantastic – I would highly recommend all Canadians complete this course!! It was eye-opening, engaging and interactive with very effective use of multimedia. The course really emphasized the history of colonization, the importance of Indigenous cultural safety and outlined tangible steps towards challenging racism and reconciliation. I’m looking forward to completing the 7 week challenge!

  4. Judith Slivinski

    I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to complete this course, and also very much look forward to completing the 7Week Challenge as well. I resonate with the assertion that “cultural safety is built in relationship and practiced in real life,” and have been practicing for 30 years in relationship with my Indigenous brothers and sisters, and realize every day how much I do not know. I am indebted to all who have and will continue to teach me.

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